Gibson Eb 1 Bass

gibson eb 1 bass

You’re welcome but again I caution you that the diagram I put together was by poking around the crammed wires with a pencil and pen light. I tried to trace the circuitry to the best of my ability but as I am not trained in electronics, I offer no guarantees. If the circuit fails to work get back to me and we can troubleshoot it.
As for a sound bite of the Gibson Eb 1 Bass – I currently don’t have coupler which can join my 1/4″ (6.5mm) guitar cord plug to the 1/8″ (3.5mm) computer jack. I’ll see what I can come up with sometime in the near future – record with audacity and convert to MP3 but I don’t think Blogger supports posting audio files.
I wish I could be of more help but if you read my introductory posting you’ll know that an injury has put me into a wheelchair and unfortunately those wheels remain strapped to my ass at this time. Limits what I can do.
Cheers, Yuri

The eb-1 gibson followed on the heels of the first “Les Paul” guitar, issued in 1952. It was marked by a distinctive violin-shaped body made of solid mahogany with printed f-holes and double purfling painted on. The mimicry of an acoustic double bass was carried to the extreme of including an adaptable extension pit that made it possible to stand the instrument on end. To complete the picture, the EB-1 had a one-piece mahogany neck with a 30-1/2″ scale (shorter than the Fender bass of the time), and was fitted with Kluson banjo-type tuning gears with handles extending out from the back of the headstock rather than the sides. The Gibson Eb 1 Bass was originally called simply the “Electric Bass.

There were just 65 Gibson Eb 1 Bass manufactured in 1956. This one has had a slight headstock crack repaired over 20 years ago. It has the original pickguard in the case that someone in the 1960’s painted a design on. A great playing and sounding bass that comes in the original Gibson brown hard shell case.

Serial number 614108 – Gibson Eb 1 Bass Violin bass, with large V shaped crack on top, in hardshell case. Stand up pole for bass is present. Large square covered “trap door” cutout in back. Original pickup has been removed but is present with original brown cover. There is a hand made pickup in the neck with unique tortoise shell pickup guard. Bare wire on front of bass. Together with a handwritten note reading in full, “Serial #614108 / This is one of the 1st Electric Bass Guitars / Gibson made. I was responsible for the violin / shape – and also my son Rusty L.P. Jr. / changed it from Hi to Lo Impedance. / Note – it all came about (the Electric Guitar Bass / from me playing my E string on the guitar as a / Bass using my thumb – this proved it could / replace a stand up Gibson Eb 1 Bass and Leo Fender & / Lots others picked up the idea – / Les.”

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