Epiphone Eb 1

epiphone eb-1

The new Epiphone Eb 1’s unprecedented blend of power, fidelity, and versatility comes courtesy of an incredible pair of new Gibson bass pickups by Jim DeCola that give bassists the best of both worlds in cool bass tone. These newly designed pickups blend genuine Alnico V rod magnets with proprietary winding methods and other materials for a more focused tonality, taking you from thundering humbucker rumble to gutsy robust single coil tones on demand. Pop up either pickup’s volume control to access a new frequency tuned coil tap for a fatter single coil tone and better output balance, with hum canceling when both pickups are combined, and low-noise operation when used individually. Blended as desired via independent volume controls and a master tone control, they are wound for warmth and clarity in the neck position, and a hotter, punchier tone in the bridge position for maximum rumble—or blend infinitely at will to create your own sonic brew.

A great, highly engineered Babicz™ full contact Epiphone Eb 1 bridge feeds these incredible pickups with the optimum clarity and sustain, while being easily adjustable for perfect intonation, completing a new jack bruce bass rig Bass that looks and feels entirely “classic,” yet offers a versatile contemporary performance that every modern bassist will appreciate. Check out the new Epiphone Eb 1 today at your authorized Gibson dealer, and see what these new heights of tone and playability can do for your music.

Each EB Bass includes a Gibson hardshell case and owner’s manual, and is covered by Gibson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.While some of Gibson’s earlier basses have had a tendency to be neck-heavy due to their design, their strap button locations, and the way they balance on a strap, that’s just not an issue with the EB Bass. To test it, I used the thinnest (2″) and slickest (nylon-backed) strap I could find laying around instead of my usual wide (3″), rough suede-backed leather bass strap, and when I took my hands away, the EB Bass stayed wherever I had last positioned it, without the neck heading immediately for the floor. In other words, it’s a well-balanced bass that’s very comfortable to hold and play, even when using a strap. All Gibson basses are neck-heavy? Well, not this one, so that’s another myth busted.

I honestly don’t have any significant complaints. Sure, the satin finish was most likely done as a cost-cutting measure so Gibson could bring this Epiphone Eb 1 in at the highly competitive $1,000 “street” price point, but the looks of the bass are still quite nice, regardless of the lack of gloss. In fact, some players may prefer the satin – it certainly is less likely to show fingerprints than a gloss finish would, and it does look quite nice in its own right.