Gibson Eb1 Guitar

gibson eb1

The frets of new gibson eb bass and fingerboard are original, as are the pickup and electronics (except for a newer jack and jackplate). The knobs, pickguard, special endpin, and bridge and posts are original as well; it appears the original bridge has been buffed somewhat to restore some shine. An extra strap button has been added to the heel. The tuners are the correct Kluson banjo pegs but are newer, still in production for use on Firebirds-they are fitted with the correct style plastic keystone buttons. The Gibson Eb1 Guitar bass is a very fine player, and although it must have suffered some sort of disaster long ago has been expertly resurrected and is now a fine and very early example of Gibson’s first Electric Bass at a less than premium price. Includes a battered but still fully functional brown OHSC. Very Good + Condition.

But.. there’s been some really great music made with gibson bass eb‘s and EB-0’s. A good friend of mine owned Chas Chandler’s original Epiphone Rivoli bass and it had that exact tone that he got on those early Animals records. Sadly, the bass went up in smoke when his house burned down 2 years ago in a big brush fire out here in L.A. He lost 70+ instruments (including a 1960 L.P. Std.) he saved 33 instruments before the fire totally engulfed his home. The smoke was so dark and black you couldn’t see shit. He and his wife lost nearly everything they owned.
Anyway, check the wiring on the bass and if it has the .01 cap in with the pickup, you can disconnect it for a clearer sound.

The gibson ebo bass guitarĀ is very different from other basses and even from other Gibson basses. The EB-0 would be considered it’s closet sibling. The EB-1 is my bass of choice. It just feels right. The sound is so very full all over the neck. It is a very consistent support platform for the entire band. Dancers LOVE this bass as do the drummers I work with. I can cover any style, even slap if needed. The tone is unique. The sustain is superb and it is a joy to play. This instrument has it’s own thing, plays like a breeze and always garners the attention of even the most jaded bass players.

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